Water Line Replacement Specialists Warn About Hidden Water Line Leaks


Brookhaven Water Line Replacement Warning

Brookhaven water line replacement specialists at The Plumbers Guild warn local residents and area homeowners not to ignore hidden water line leaks. But, if a leak is hidden, meaning you are unaware of it, what can you do but ignore it? It is impossible to be responsible for doing something about something you know nothing about. Right?


Your Brookhaven Water Line Is Your Responsibility

Wrong. It may surprise you to know that water line leaks are your responsibility whether you know about them or not, including water line leaks hidden from view, behind walls, under slabs, and underground. And do not expect homeowners insurance to cover damage from these slow hidden leaks. It may not. Insurance carriers typically will not cover gradually occurring damage stemming from poorly maintained plumbing lines. 

Leaks Damage Property

Before you realize you have an underground water line leak, a significant amount of water can leak out. Anywhere from 50 to 50,000 gallons of water is not uncommon with these leaks. High volumes of water can cause extensive damage to your property. The leaking water saturates the soil and can cause erosion. As soil erodes, the ground around and underneath your property can shift, sink, and settle. The only solution is for homeowners to take a proactive approach to recognize water line leaks.  

Water Leak Warning Signs

Watch out for the following warning signs. These signs will help identify water line leaks in the making. Once warning signs are detected, get professional plumbing help. Brookhaven water line replacement specialists at The Plumbers Guild will be happy to repair any water line leak.

An Unusually High Water Bill

A higher than normal water bill for no apparent reason is the standard indicator of a plumbing leak.

Suddenly Lower Water Pressure

An immediately noticeable drop in water pressure happens when a water line springs a significant leak. Enough water is leaking out to drop the water pressure of the entire plumbing system.

Water Color Changes

Cracked water lines let dirt and debris into the water supply. Dirty, discolored water represents a health hazard and an underground leak.

Wet Spots On The Lawn

Eventually, an underground water line leak will surface as a wet spot. As the water line continues to leak, the ground above becomes wetter and wetter.

Running Water Sounds

Hearing water running or dripping when the water is not running is a sure sign that water is leaking somewhere. Listen closely.

The Signs Point To The Plumbers Guild

Take action at once after noticing any of the warning signs above. Contact The Plumbers Guild to schedule an appointment. Our local Brookhaven plumbers will investigate the problem immediately. Suppose they find your water line damaged. In that case, you are in good hands. The Brookhaven water line replacement specialists are the best plumbers for the job. Learn more about our water leak detection and repair services.

Brookhaven Water Line Replacement Options

The Plumbers Guild offers the best trenchless water line replacement and repair options. From pipe bursting to pipe-lining, we fix water line leaks with techniques that keep your yard intact. We will inspect, repair, or replace your water line without destroying your property. To determine whether you need Brookhaven water line replacement or repair, call or text The Plumbers Guild at 404.694.5128Our plumbing professionals have the ability and the technology to locate water line leaks underground.