Root Out Sewer Line Problems Before Sewage Backs Up


Roots are a common Brookhaven sewer line issue. What should you do if you have roots in your sewer line? Find out what to do to ensure your sewer system works well. Any sewer line that is leaking or clogged may have tree roots inside the sewer line. Tree roots are one of the most prevalent problems homeowners face regarding Brookhaven sewer line problems. If you have a yard with trees, your sewer line is at risk of tree-root intrusion.


Roots Love Sewage

As trees in your yard grow, their roots develop underground into a vast network. The shady canopies of leaves overhead reflect the size and shape of the root systems below ground. These root systems hidden from view expand, searching for water and nutrients necessary to grow. In Brookhaven, sewer lines are ripe with the moisture, and nutrient-rich waste roots crave. When roots looking for food find a way into your sewer line, it spells disaster. Any number of sewer line problems can result. These roots continue to grow over time, widening cracks and gaps in the sewer line. The network of roots also acts as an organic net trapping grease, solids, and other particles. The result can be impossible to clear clogs and even a complete Brookhaven sewer line blockage. Sewer line leaks lead to sewer line clogs. Clogs become sewer line blockages. Blockages that cannot clear cause Brookhaven sewer line backups. When a Brookhaven sewer line backs up, you can have raw sewage overflow back up into your home.

Pipes Roots Love

When roots find their way into a sewer line, it can be not good. But, not all types of sewer lines are vulnerable to root intrusion. Cement, clay, cast iron, and Orangeburg pipes are the most defenseless to roots. These old pipes with hairline cracks meet up with roots seeking water and nutrition, and it begins. However, it is not only cement, clay, cast iron, and Orangeburg pipes. Any sewer line with as much as a pinhole leak is at risk.

Signs Of Root Intrusion

With nothing stopping them, roots will continue to grow. This unseen menace can eventually cut off your sewer line completely. You may wonder how you will know something is amiss, with the root of the trouble concealed underground. When Brookhaven sewer line problems are severe enough to rise to the surface, you will notice. Worst case scenario, clogged drains, slow draining sinks, tubs, and showers throughout your home worsen and all back up at once. Watch out for gurgling, poorly flushing toilets that stop flushing and overflow. When roots leave your sewer line inoperable, raw sewage will back up into your yard, home, or both.

Trees With Intrusive Roots

Once your drains stop working effectively, toilets stop flushing, and sewage backs up into your home, it is time to isolate the root of the problem. If you have trees on your property, they are likely the source when roots are in your sewer line. Sycamore, Willow, Oak, Birch, Maple, and Elm trees can cause the worst root intrusion damage to sewer lines. When you suspect a Brookhaven sewer line root invasion, it is time to call The Plumbers Guild. From sewer line video camera inspections that reveal the root of your plumbing problem to sewer line repair options.

Brookhaven Sewer Line Experts

The Plumbers Guild is the Brookhaven plumbing company with affordable sewer line repair and replacement solutions that last. No matter what kind of sewer line problem you experience, make one call to The Plumbers Guild for expert help. Learn more about trenchless sewer line repair techniques and get more helpful plumbing tips. The Plumbers Guild offers leak detection services and more. CALL THE GUILD 404.694.5128 with any plumbing problem.