Water Heater Issues You Can and Can’t Fix Yourself


Brookhaven water heater problems are normally simple to recognize. You go to take a pleasant warm shower but get horrified by freezing water. Other than a surprisingly cold shower, there are other signs that your water heater has problems.

What Are Three of The Most Common Water Heater Problem Warning Signs?


1.      Drips and puddles of water near your Brookhaven water heater.

2.      Discolored water with a rusty orange hue coming out of taps.

3.      Loud banging noises coming from the water heater.

In some cases, you can troubleshoot a problem yourself. Still, many water heater problems and repairs need professional aid. Water heaters require complex, potentially dangerous repair work.

What Causes Most Common Water Heater Problems?

Plumbing pipe leaks can cause Brookhaven water heater problems involving a lack of hot water. Mineral deposits that form when water is heated also cause water heater issues. These corrosive deposits reduce water heater efficiency. Therefore, the water heater uses more energy to heat water, which adds to your energy bills. Mineral deposits in your storage tank water heater form a sediment layer at the tank bottom. This sediment layer bangs loudly as air bubbles burst through it during water heating.

How Can You Fix Brookhaven Water Heater Issues?

  1. Some water heaters have a pilot light that can go out and that you may light. Check the pilot light if your water heater has one. Please light the pilot if it is out. A water heater without a lit pilot cannot heat water.
  2. Look at the temperature setting. Make sure to set it to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and no higher.
  3. Suppose you think mineral deposits and tank sediment are an issue. In that case, drain the Brookhaven water heater storage tank to flush out sediment.
  4. If you see pools of water on the floor, under the water heater, call a plumber. Most likely, the storage tank leaks, and a professional plumber can recommend repairs.

What Can Homeowners Do to Avoid Brookhaven Water Heater Problems?

Keeping up with regular maintenance and checking out your hot water heater allows it to run longer without problems.

1.      Regularly check the pressure valve is working well.

2.      Periodically drain the tank to remove sediment.

3.      Occasionally, visually inspect the tank checking for dripping, puddling, and leaking.

When Do You Need to Call a Brookhaven Plumber?

Most of the time, you need to call an experienced plumber when you have Brookhaven water heater troubles. Maybe you can manage to relight the pilot light or adjust the water temperature. But water heater repair can be dangerous and extensive, so let a professional handle the work. The Plumbers Guild in Brookhaven offers water heater repair, water line installation, and trenchless sewer repair. Get attentive care at once with one call to The Plumbers Guild. Our adorable plumbers are ready to tackle your problematic pipes. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment in Brookhaven, Georgia.