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    Trenchless Sewer Line Repair in Brookhaven Fixes Sewer Problems Without Destroying Lawns

    When it comes to sewer repair, you can either dig large, bothersome trenches in your yard or opt for trenchless sewer line repair. While either process is a major plumbing project, the latter will leave your lawn, trees, flowers, and shrubs intact. The Plumbers Guild in Brookhaven can help fix your sewer line without tearing apart your property.

    Why Would You Need Trenchless Sewer Line Repair in Brookhaven?

    Your home’s plumbing system connects to the local sewer. There is a maze of pipes underneath both your house and yard that supply your home with water. A sewer leak occurs whenever one of the pipes responsible for removing wastewater develops a leak. You may notice a foul, rotten egg-like aroma outside or mushy, wet spots in your yard. It’s important to address these leaks right away to avoid an even messier problem.

    Sewer line leaks pop up for a variety of reasons. It’s very common for large tree roots to break through the pipes. Sometimes, corrosion is to blame. Old pipes wear out over time, and they may begin to leak. Other times, flushing the wrong materials down the toilet may lead to a clog, and eventually, the pipe will burst. No matter what caused the leak, it’s essential to call for help immediately.

    The Difference Between Traditional and Trenchless Pipe Repairs

    Once upon a time, the only way to repair damaged sewer lines was to dig large trenches in the homeowner’s yard. Sometimes it would be necessary to tear up the driveway or sidewalk. This much destruction was not only an eyesore, but it would also become quite expensive.

    Trenchless sewer line repair in Brookhaven has gained popularity over the years. As the name suggests, this method gives the plumber access to the damaged pipes without needing to destroy the yard. There are two methods used:

    • Pipe bursting
    • Pipe lining

    With pipe bursting, the plumber slowly pulls a new pipe through the existing one. The new pipe puts tremendous stress on the outer pipe. This force causes the old pipe to burst and break apart into several pieces.

    Pipe lining involves lining the old pipe with a layer of non-corrosive resin. The plumber uses a flexible tube to apply the resin, and as it dries, the resin cures to the damaged pipe. This process creates a new pipe inside the old one. Pipe lining can last for 50 years.

    Never Put Off Sewer Line Repair

    No one wants to find out they have a leak in their sewer line, but ignoring the problem won’t make it magically disappear. It’s crucial to find a plumber right away who can assess and fix the issue.

    Sewer line leaks may cause distress inside your home. You may notice your toilet doesn’t always flush, or you could see sewage coming up your shower drain. The exterior of our house isn’t safe, either. These types of leaks can lead to costly foundation issues if you don’t resolve them quickly.

    Only a plumber can repair your sewer line the right way. With trenchless sewer line repair options available in Brookhaven, it may be possible to fix the leak without tearing apart your lawn. Our plumbers take sewer line repairs very seriously. Once we determine the source, we’ll offer you a proven—and affordable—solution. There’s a reason why so many homeowners across the Brookhaven area trust us with their pipes. Get in touch to learn how trenchless sewer line repair will help save your plumbing system and your lovely landscaping.

    Do you have a leak in your sewer line? 

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