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    Brookhaven Home Plumbing Care Tips

    You want perfect Brookhaven home plumbing. Good for you! However, you may not know where to start. Do not worry. These are plumbing tips from The Plumbers Guild for you. The following expert tips can help you begin to understand how to best care for your home plumbing system.

    brookhaven=home-plumbingLet Brookhaven Home Plumbers Sweat Copper Pipe

    Most Brookhaven home plumbing systems have metal copper pipes for the main water lines. Most of this copper pipe is inside your walls and under your floors. You may see the copper lines that attach to your water heater. Copper pipes are stiff and do not easily bend. To navigate turns in copper plumbing lines, a plumber will use special copper pipe fittings, joints, tees, and lengths of pipe cut to fit. Plumbers join these parts with a complex soldering process using a handheld torch. Soldering copper pipe involves applying flux or soldering paste to retard copper oxidation. The Plumbers Guild professionals are copper pipe soldering experts. The process is known as sweating copper pipe, and it is not a DIY project.

    What Not to Flush Down the Toilet

    Do not place anything in the toilet other than human waste and toilet paper. There is a handy way to remember what you CAN flush down the toilet. Only flush the three P’s: toilet paper, pee, and poo. Not adhering to the three P rule leads to toilet clogs, sewage backups, and plumbing repairs. Here is a list of what NOT to flush to keep your Brookhaven home plumbing system working.

    1. Baby Wipes
    2. Band-Aids
    3. Bleach
    4. Cat Litter
    5. Chewing Gum
    6. Cigarette Butts
    7. Coffee Grounds
    8. Condoms
    9. Contact Lenses
    10. Cooking Grease and Oil
    11. Cosmetic Wipes
    12. Cotton Balls, Pads, and Squares
    13. Cotton Swabs
    14. Dental Floss
    15. Diapers
    16. Disinfectant Wipes
    17. Egg Shells
    18. Facial Tissue
    19. Flushable Wipes
    20. Hair
    21. Hand Wipes
    22. Maxi Pads
    23. Medication
    24. Mini Pads
    25. Moist Towelettes
    26. Napkins
    27. Nutshells
    28. Paint
    29. Panty Liners
    30. Paper Towels
    31. Sponges
    32. Swiffers
    33. Tampon Wrappers and Applicators
    34. Tampons
    35. Toilet Bowl Cleaning Pads
    36. Vitamins

    Only Hire Professional Brookhaven Home Plumbers

    When you hire a plumber to work on your Brookhaven home plumbing system, you want the best. In your home, do not let untrained people without plumbing experience ruin your pipes. It can be disastrous when you hire the unskilled who try to pass themselves off as a pro.

    Faucet Leaks Are Serious

    Do not ignore faucet leaks. Did you know that a leaking faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water daily? When you hear a dripping bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room tap, never ignore it. When you hear water dripping, it might be the faucet or perhaps another plumbing pipe leak. Frequently check your Brookhaven home plumbing system for signs of moisture and leaks.

    Yellow Pilot Flames Are Dangerous

    For Brookhaven residents with a storage tank gas hot water heater, periodically check the pilot light. The proper color for this particular flame is blue. However, the tip of the blue flame should be yellow. If you ever see a yellow pilot flame, please call a water heater plumbing specialist at once for safety reasons.

    Brookhaven Home Plumbing Protection for Outside

    Ensure that you disconnect all hoses and automatic sprinkler systems outside your house when temperatures dip below freezing. You can easily lower the risk of a burst pipe crisis with a little forethought. Disconnect all your garden hoses and store them safely to put your family in the best position for freezing weather.

    Trust The Plumbers Guild

    The Plumbers Guild is the plumber you can trust. Check out our other blog posts for the best plumbing tips for homeowners. Learn more now about the most common residential plumbing problems. Please contact our office for more information and to schedule an appointment in Brookhaven, Georgia.