How Can I Tell if I Need Water Heater Replacement Sooner or Later?

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In Brookhaven, Water Heater Replacement Is Top Of Mind. But Is It At The Top Or The Bottom Of Your To-Do List?

Water heater replacement is one of those necessary tasks most people don’t look forward to as homeowners. But when the time comes, you have to bite the bullet and get it done. Why? Try to imagine living without hot water, even for one day. It would not be fun, comfortable, or even safe. You can’t have proper hygiene for yourself or your home without hot water. And imagine cold showers all the time or plunging your hands into a sink full of ice-cold water to do your dishes. Doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? This is why you need some guidelines so you can spot if and when your water heater needs replacing. Take a look.

The Age Of Your Water Heater

The age of your water heater can have a big impact on whether or not it’s time to consider a Brookhaven water heater replacement. On average, electric water heaters last around 8-10 years and gas models slightly less. While yours might still be kicking, there are drawbacks to keeping an old water heater, even if it seems to work just fine.

The Risks Include:

  • Greater potential for the sudden breakdown
  • Increased risk of water leaking from the tank
  • Higher energy bills due to decreased efficiency
  • Unexpected repair costs

It’s worth taking a look at the expiration date on the tank of your water heating system. You can figure out the expiration date by locating the serial number and manufacturer of the heater. Check online for manufacture date and calculate the age based on that. If it’s more than ten years old, it’s worth your while to talk to a reliable plumber about replacement options. They can also share the benefits of upgrading to a new, more energy-efficient model.

Some Of These Benefits Include:

  • Increased efficiency, reduced energy use, and lower energy bills
  • Reduced water use resulting in cost savings on your monthly water bill
  • More consistent water temperature
  • The faster hot water recovery rate

A Noisy Tank Says Brookhaven Water Heater Replacement

Your water heater should run without much noise. It’s a relatively quiet system. If you are beginning to hear rumblings in your tank, however, it could be a sign that replacement is near. It seems odd that heating water could cause a lot of noise, doesn’t it? But it’s not the hot water making the noise; it’s often due to sediment inside the tank. The sediment builds up over time as more and more water cycles through the system over the years. It hardens around the inside of the tank, making it difficult for the water heater to function effectively.

When Sediment Builds Up, Two Things Can Happen:

  1. The water heater can no longer heat the water, leaving you with nothing but cold water coming out of your taps
  2. An increased likelihood of damage – as the water heater works harder to heat the water, the tank takes on excess wear and tear causing it to break down

Can you prevent this type of issue? There are some measures you can take to help keep sediment from building up inside the tank. Regular maintenance is one way. Having a licensed plumber service your water heater annually to check for issues can prevent larger problems in the future. They can also flush the water heater annually to help remove some of the sediment before it can build up and get thick inside the water tank.

Water Leaks Around The Water Heater

As your water heater gets older, it’s more likely it will start to leak. This is especially true in homes that use a lot of hot water. Each time the water heater does its job, the tank expands, the valves have to hold, and the fittings have to stay secure. The more cycles of heating it goes through in its lifetime, the more likely it is to breakdown. The inner body of the tank can fracture, leaving a gap in the metal housing. Even a tiny crack is enough to let water seep out and into your home. The fittings and connections can loosen, creating enough space for leaks. This can happen at the pressure relief valve, the overflow pipe, or anyplace water flows into or out of the water heating equipment.

What happens if you have a leak? Water damage in your home can be a nightmare. Not only can it cause extensive damage, but it can also be incredibly time-consuming and costly to fix. Even a water heater located in a basement, where water can’t do damage to floors below, can wreak havoc on your home. It can damage any belongings you have stored, can damage your HVAC system if the tank is in the basement, and can damage the flooring and foundation of your home. If you find water anywhere near your water heater, it’s time to call in the pros to evaluate the problem and potentially replace the equipment.

How Can The Plumbers Guild Help?

If you notice any of these issues with your water heater, don’t panic. The team at The Plumbers Guild is here to help. Our professional plumbers can assess your current system and recommend a Brookhaven water heater replacement. Once you choose your new system, we can install it and have you back in hot water in no time. Contact us today if you need a Brookhaven water heater replacement.