The 4 Most Common Reasons For Faucet Repair Revealed

A close up shot of water drop in the faucet.

Do You Need Brookhaven Faucet Repair? And If So, Why? We’re Unraveling The Mystery Hidden Inside Your Household Faucet.

Brookhaven faucet repair is one of those mysteries that most homeowners can’t quite unravel. They seem simple enough, and yet, what causes them to leak? And how do you fix them? We’ve got the answers you’ve been looking for. Keep reading for four of the most common reasons for faucet repair:

Reason #1: It Could Be Your O-Ring

What’s an O-ring, you ask? It’s a ring that fits connections on pipes and tubes. Generally made of rubber or pliable material, this gasket forms a seal to keep water from leaking where the pipes connect to each other or a faucet. If your faucet is leaking, one of the most common causes is a worn-out O-ring. Because they’re rubber, they can tear, causing leaks, or they can dry out and crack, also causing leaks. Another cause is when one of these gaskets becomes loose, allowing water to seep over or under the seal.

How can you tell if you have a bad O-ring? You might see water leaking from under the handle of your faucet. Another place on your faucet that houses O-rings is under the spout. There are usually two O-rings that help prevent leaks from the faucet spout. In either case, it’s necessary to remove either the handle or the spout to replace the broken or damaged seals.

Sometimes, due to hard water and long-term use, the inside of the spout gets pitted. When this happens, any new gaskets won’t be able to prevent leaking. In these cases, it’s better to replace the whole faucet. A professional plumber from The Plumbers Guild can handle any O-ring replacement or Brookhaven faucet repair the right way to prevent future water leaks.

Reason #2: Valve Seat Corrosion Leads To Brookhaven Faucet Repair

Now you know what an O-ring is, but what about a valve seat? This is the part that connects the faucet and the spout. It’s housed in something called the compression mechanism. It’s what makes the water turn on when you turn the tap handle. And just like an O-ring, it can be the place where leaks occur. The main reason for a leak in a valve seat is corrosion. Over time, sediment builds up inside the housing. This is often from hard water deposits. The sediment then causes corrosion, compromising the connection and allowing water to seep through. When this happens you will need a Brookhaven faucet repair.

Another potential cause of a leaking valve seat is improperly installed washers. If they aren’t installed correctly, there is grinding where the seat meets the faucet stem. This damages the seal and can lead to leaks.

Reason #3: Water Pressure Changes

You only have so much control over the water pressure to your taps. You turn it on and off, but otherwise, your water pressure can fluctuate based on the time of day, if other water is in use in your house, or if there is another underlying plumbing issue. If the water pressure in your pipes is too high, it can force too much pressure against your tap, causing your faucet to leak. A professional plumber can evaluate the leak and inspect your pipes, water pressure, and plumbing to find the root cause of the leak and perform repairs if water pressure changes are the cause.

Reason #4: The Age Of Your Plumbing

Sometimes leaks can simply be due to old age. If you live in an older home and your fixtures and plumbing are older, it might be time for an update. Older plumbing components do break down due to constant use, corrosion, and sediment buildup. This can affect not only your pipes but also your faucets. Everything from the seals to the washers, the valves to the tap handles become weaker the more use they get. If this is the case, our expert plumbers can take a look at your entire plumbing system and make recommendations. Plumbing upgrades can improve your water conservation efforts and reduce the chance of future Brookhaven faucet repairs for leaks.

The Right Plumbers For The Job

The team of expert plumbers at The Plumbers Guild can help fix your Brookhaven faucet leaks and save you money and frustration. Our leak detection process helps us identify leaks no matter where they are. Whether they’re isolated to a single faucet or are the symptom of a bigger plumbing issue, we can find it so we can repair it. Not only will it prevent wasted water, but it can also prevent further damage to your pipes and fixtures.

Contact us today for any of your plumbing needs, including faucet repair for those pesky leaks. The Plumbers Guild has got you covered for all of your plumbing needs, big or small.