Running Toilet Repair Fix to Help You Sleep Better At Night


 A Brookhaven running toilet is annoying.

Running toilet plumbing problems happen for many reasons. But of all toilet issues, a running toilet is one of the most common and annoying. A running toilet still flushes, but after that, it continually runs. This issue wastes water and makes annoying sounds. Few household plumbing sounds are quite as irritating as the hissing of a running toilet. When a toilet refills too often, or the toilet runs constantly, the flapper may be the issue.

How to catch a running toilet.

brookhaven-running-toiletWhile you cannot typically prevent toilet parts from getting old, there is something you can do. Inspect the toilet tank parts regularly to ensure they all work properly. Doing this will help you catch a running toilet sooner rather than later.

A running toilet can cause a huge water bill.

In Brookhaven, one of the most common reasons for a sky-high water bill is a running toilet. A continuously running toilet can waste up to two hundred gallons of water every day.

What causes a running toilet in Brookhaven?

An incessantly running toilet often occurs when the toilet’s internal parts no longer work well. The flapper valve will let the water run, trying to fill the tank if it no longer fits properly. More potential causes include an imbalanced float, loose-fill tube, or a toilet leak. Check for a toilet leak by placing seven drops of food coloring in the tank. After twenty minutes pass, check the toilet bowl for food coloring showing a tank leak.

How to fix a running toilet.

Inspect each toilet part to figure out the exact problem. Ensure the fill tube, a thin, flexible tube inside the tank, stays connected and aimed toward the overflow tube. Examine the chain attached to the flapper. Make sure it is the proper length and untangled. Adjust the float to ensure the fill valve shuts off correctly. If easy modifications fail, replace all the internal tank components. Toilet repair kits typically fit standard models and are available at home improvement shops and hardware stores. Follow the instructions for relatively easy installation.

What is a toilet flapper?

The flapper or flush valve seal is the plug that falls against the drain hole or flush valve drain seat on the bottom of the tank. It holds water in the tank until the next time you flush. When the flapper or flush valve seat wears out, water can trickle out. Sensing that the tank is not full, the water valve opens to refill the toilet tank. And the toilet runs.

Flappers come in two sizes.

Typically, toilet flappers are either a two or three-inch size. A lot of toilets take a two-inch flapper. However, for toilets made since 2005, a three-inch flapper will do. If you decide to replace the flapper in your running toilet, make sure you get the right size. To do this, after removing the current flapper, take it to the store to buy an identical replacement part.

Tip for installing a new flapper.

When you install the new flapper, you will need to adjust the chain. Make sure the chain is slightly slack when the flapper is down. Turn the water on, let the tank fill, and then flush. If the flapper does seat properly after the tank fills, adjust the chain. Normally, you can adjust the length of the chain to get the flapper to work correctly. Lastly, cut off any excess chain to keep it from slipping under the flapper. If you miss this step, you will have a running toilet all be it with a shiny new flapper.

When to hire a local Brookhaven plumber for toilet repair.

Whether you try toilet repair DIY or not, running toilets need fixing. Obviously, you need a plumber if you replace the toilet parts in the tank and the running continues. Likewise, if toilet repair is not in your wheelhouse, call a plumber for help. Any respectable local plumber should be able to fix a running toilet right the first time. If you have plumbing problems and you live in the Brookhaven area, contact The Plumbers Guild. Whether you have a running toilet, leaking water heater, or broken sewer, we supply reliable plumbing services at affordable prices. For the best local plumbing repair from The Plumbers Guild call 404.738.9395 now