Brookhaven Sewer Line Repair Warning Signs | Sewer Line Replacement

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Know The Warning Signs That Brookhaven Sewer Line Repair Is Imminent Before You Find Yourself Knee-Deep In Sewage.

Sewer line repair is a dirty job and one that many people overlook until disaster strikes. Unfortunately, many homeowners assume the city will keep the sewer in working condition. What you may not realize, however, is that the line leading up to your house is your responsibility.

That’s why it’s crucial to make any repairs before the situation becomes dire and even more expensive. Before you flush your toilet again, make sure you don’t notice any of these problems around your house.

Our trenchless sewer line repair is a way we fix damaged sewer lines for customers. Every customer who decides to go with a repair trenchless sewer service or an installation trenchless sewer loves it. These sewer repair services do not mean digging up your yard. And because we do not disturb your landscaping there is less cleaning to do afterwards.

If Your Toilet Sounds Like It’s Still Hungry, You May Need A Sewer Repair or Replacement

You know that growling sound your stomach makes when it’s time to eat? Your toilet can make the same sound. But unlike your stomach, “feeding” your toilet won’t resolve the situation. Bubbling and gurgling sounds are not normal, and you should address them right away.

What causes these abnormal noises? Gurgling is often the only precursor to a sewage backup. A clog in the sewer system forces water back into the toilet. If you don’t take immediate action, you may find yourself mopping up wastewater in your bathroom. As soon as you hear your toilet talking back to you, call a plumber for Brookhaven sewer line repair service.

The Drains In Your Home Do Not Drain and Need Service

When you turn on the sink, you expect the water to flow quickly down the drain. The same holds true whenever you shower, use the washing machine, or turn on the dishwasher. A sluggish drain is indicative of a pipe clog. If only one drain seems to have trouble working, you may have a simple clog on your hands. But, if multiple drains back up at the same time, the sewer line is the likely culprit.

No, liquid drain cleaner won’t solve the problem. It may mask the situation for now, but it’s only a matter of time before sewage comes out of the drains—and you don’t want to clean up that mess! A plumber can address the situation right away and come up with a plan of action to repair your sewer line.

Is Someone Cooking Eggs Outside Or Does My Plumbing Stink?

What does sewage smell like? Some people think it smells like rotten eggs. Others say it reminds them of mildew. No matter what you think the odor resembles, you can’t deny that it stinks.

The smell comes from a gas called hydrogen sulfide—known in layman’s terms as sulfur. And to entice your nostrils a bit more, it’s the same gas produced whenever you break wind. Not only does it stink, but hydrogen sulfide is also hazardous to your health.

Under normal circumstances, the only place you should smell sewage is after you go number two. A single flush is all it takes to make the odor disappear. But, if you notice this unpleasant scent outside your home—especially near the drains—you should hire a plumber to inspect the sewer lines.

Clogged storm drain in an open Field

A Wet Lawn During A Drought Points to A Pipe Leak

Unless it rained recently, you expect your lawn to remain dry. Even if you water the grass, any excess moisture should evaporate within a few hours. You shouldn’t need rain boots to walk from one end of your lawn to the other. If you notice random puddle or soft spots, you may have a burst sewer pipe below.

While you can’t see them, your plumbing system features a complex maze of pipes under the grass and foundation of your home. As long as the pipes are in good condition, you don’t have to worry about anything. But tree roots, changes in temperature, or just old age can cause these pipes to burst without warning. Let a plumber know about your unusually wet lawn so they can inspect the sewer line for damage.

Do You Have The Greenest Lawn On The Block?

Have your neighbors started complimenting your lush, green lawn? Do you have to mow more frequently than usual? Unless you started reading books on gardening, patches of thriving grass might be the sign of something more malicious—a sewer leak.

Believe it or not, sewage is a natural fertilizer. If there is a leak in the pipes, the rising waste may begin feeding your grass. Sure, you’ll end up with a gorgeous lawn, but you may also find yourself with a pool of gross sewage. Only a plumber can let you know for sure.

Call 404.738.9395 For Help At The First Sign Of Brookhaven Sewer Line Damage

Sewer line problems are a true plumbing emergency. The sooner you call for help, the sooner a plumber will resolve the issue. Leak detection and repair is just another day on the job for our team at The Plumbers Guild. We have over ten years of experience, and there’s no plumbing fiasco too big for us to handle. 

When you suspect your sewer is clogged or you notice a new water leak, call us  for an appointment for a sewer camera video inspection. Customers love our plumbing services, but camera inspection sewer services are their favorite.

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When you turn to our team of experts, you can trust your pipes are in the best hands possible. We always guarantee our work, and we offer emergency services when you need us the most. Get in touch with The Plumbers Guild 404.738.9395 to request an estimate for Brookhaven sewer line repair.