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Water Heater Repair or Replacement Service? That is The Question When It Comes To Brookhaven Water Heaters. 

Do you think you might need water heater repair service? The thought of water heater repair might want to make you pull your hair out. But don’t despair! We have some tips on water heaters that can help you decide if a water heater repair service will do the trick. Or if a water heater replacement is what you need for whatever is ailing this critical piece of household equipment. Take a look at what the water heater repair pros say about whether or not these six problems can be resolved with a professional hot water heater repair service

Problem #1: Not Enough Hot Water in GA

We all know the feeling. It’s cold outside, or you’ve been working hard, or you’ve just had a rough day, and nothing sounds better than stepping into a nice hot shower. But what happens if that hot shower you’ve been dreaming of turns tepid far too quickly? It could mean there’s something amiss with your water heater. The solution could be as simple as turning up the temperature dial on the hot water heater tank. If that doesn’t do the trick, your thermostat could be faulty. Other possible reasons for the lack of hot water include a broken heating element, wiring that’s gotten loose, or a water heater that is too old to keep up with demand. Either way, you need plumbing services like water heater repair and plumbing installation services.

Problem #2: No Hot Water Means Brookhaven Hot Water Heater Repair

If there isn’t any hot water at all when you turn on the tap, that’s even worse than running out halfway through a shower. Hot water is essential, not just for bathing, but for doing dishes and laundry, for handwashing, and for keeping your home clean. If your water heater is gas-powered or a gas water heater it could be that the pilot light has gone out. Now, if relighting the pilot light doesn’t solve the problem, there are other solutions. A plumber might repair the thermocouple or the pilot control valve to get you back in hot water. Finally, if your heater is electric, replacing the heating element could solve your electric water heater problems. 

Problem #3: Water That Smells Bad Is A Plumbing Problem

Does your water smell a little funky lately? It could be your pipes, but it could also be your water heater. If your water heater has bacteria in it, it’s the perfect environment for it to thrive and grow. When this happens, your hot water could start smelling like rotten eggs. Flushing, cleaning, and disinfecting the tank can often solve the problem. To prevent future bacteria growth, increase the temperature setting to above 140 degrees. That will help kill off any bacteria before it becomes a problem. Call The Plumbers Guild for a service appointment today. 

Problem #4: Dirty Or Rusty Water Points To Hot Water Heater Corrosion

No one wants to drink water that isn’t crystal clear. And no one wants to bathe in it, do dishes in it, or put their dirty laundry through it. Rust-colored water is generally due to corrosion of the anode rod in your tank or of the tank itself. A plumber can replace the anode rod to get rid of the rusty water, or they may recommend a new tank if the corrosion is more advanced. 

Problem #5: Noise Coming From The Water Heater

Your water heater should function relatively quietly. If yours starts making noises that sound like hissing, knocking, banging, or popping, it’s definitely time to call a plumber. A noisy tank usually means there is sediment on the bottom of the tank or possibly scale built up on the heating element. If you hear noises that don’t sound normal, contact your local plumber to come to take a look and do the minor Brookhaven water heater repairs to quiet it down. 

Problem #6: Leaks From The Water Tank Signal Water Heater Installation 

One of the most common issues with water heater tanks is leaks. Any water leak, whether from a faucet, a broken pipe, or a water heater, is a bad thing. Water can cause extensive damage to your home. If you have water leaking from the top of your heating tank, call a plumber right away. It could be that the inlet or outlet pipes are loose. Other potential culprits are the T&P valve or the inlet valve. The good news is you may not need a new one. A knowledgeable plumber can easily fix all of these issues. At The Plumbers guild, we repair water heaters and provide installation services.

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Whether you need water heater installation, water heater repair, or a special water heater repair service we can do it. We are Brookhaven’s water heater services leader according to our happy customers.  Brookhaven plumbing repair plumbers are not all the same. The Plumbers Guild provides plumbing repair. And we service plumbing systems and perform plumbing maintenance also.

Water Heater Care, Maintenance, and Water Heater Services

brookhaven-water-heaterYou can delay the need for a the installation of a replacement water heater by doing some water heater maintenance. Whether your hot water heater is one of the new gas water heaters or not, it needs to be maintained. Even tankless water heaters require some cleaning and maintenance for peak performance. Drain tank water heaters every six months to minimize sediment buildup and avoid the need for an emergency services.

It’s easy to take your water heater for granted. We tend to forget that hot water isn’t guaranteed and that small issues can lead to some cold showers. Fortunately, most of the time, water heating troubleshooting by a professional plumber is fast and affordable. Plumbing services like Brookhaven water heater repair often get you back in hot water in no time. 

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If you have issues getting hot water to any of your taps, faucets, showers, or tubs, don’t assume the worst. Let the experts decide if you need water leak repair, home tankless water services, or installation.

Most of the time, water heater repair can fix the issue. Contact the team of experts at The Plumbers Guild today with any questions or concerns or for Brookhaven water heater repair you can count on. Call 404.738.9443 to repair water heater units and for  hot water heater services.