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    Best Plumber in Brookhaven Explains How to Locate Your Main Water Shutoff Valve Inside

    The best plumber in Brookhaven has an important recommendation. Find out where the main water shutoff valve is inside your home. Knowing where this valve is and how to operate it is essential. When a burst pipe or some other plumbing emergency is spraying gallons of water inside your home, get to this valve ASAP. Turning off the water at this main shutoff valve will stop the rushing water immediately. Act fast to avoid flooding, structural damage, along with a sky-high water bill. You will not find all main water shutoff valves in the same place in every home, but every home has one. For example, a home on a slab with a storage-tank water heater will find the main shutoff valve near the tank. On the other hand, if you have a basement, look there for your water shutoff valve. This valve can also be in a crawl space, typically near the front wall of the house.

    best=plumber=brookhavenHow to Find Your Water Meter and Main Water Shutoff Valve Outside in Brookhaven

    Once you know where to find your main water shutoff valve and how to operate it, show your household where it is and how to use it. Everyone in your household must know how to shut off the main water supply or contact somebody who can. If all else fails, you can also shut the water off another place. According to the best plumber in Brookhaven, outside of most homes, in the front yard near the street, is a water meter. The meter is usually in a metal box buried underground with a metal utility cover on top. Under this cover, you will find a shutoff valve. Using this valve, you can turn off all the water coming into your home. Some refer to doing this as turning the water off at the street.

    Look for Fixture Shutoff Valves Behind Toilets and Under Sinks

    Toilets, sinks, and other fixtures typically each have a shutoff valve of their own. Ensure every loved one can find these valves and turn them off when plumbing problems happen. You can stop an overflowing toilet or sink. All you need to do is turn off the water at that fixture. For toilets, the valve is generally close to the wall under the toilet tank. And for sinks, look in the under-sink cabinet near the p-trap. The best plumber in Brookhaven says that knowing how and when to shut off your water can help you stop plumbing nightmares before they start.

    Best DIY Plumbing Fix for Loud Banging Noises in Your Pipes

    Now that you know how to turn off your water at the meter. Knowing this can help homeowners with loud banging noises coming from their plumbing. But, of course, when you hear loud noises banging from your pipes, it is unsettling. But there is something you can do. First, the best plumber in Brookhaven recommends emptying the pipes. To do this, shut off the main water supply at the street. Next, open all faucets in the house and let them drain their water out. When water stops flowing from all faucets, your pipes will be empty. Once empty, turn the main water supply on again.

    Again, listen up for loud banging sounds. If you do not hear anything, clearing the pipes solved the problem. Fantastic! Sometimes this plumbing trick is all you need to do to stop the banging in your pipes. However, this does not work in every situation. The loud banging may return when you cut the water back on. But emptying your pipes is easy enough to do, so it is worth a try.

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